Soft & pure…this beautiful modular vintage design lounge sofa! Consisting of 4 separate seating elements that can be arranged according to your own wishes. This awesome sofa is from the Laauser brand. Period: 1960s/70s. This sofa is really comfortable, made of very soft fabric of great quality in a beautiful soft green shade. You can arrange this sofa according to your own wishes, making multiple combinations possible. Made up of 3 separate center section modules and 1 corner module. Each seating element is fully padded, giving it that elegant look. Considering its age in good vintage condition. Who wouldn’t want to relax with a good book or a nice glass of wine in this lovely lounge sofa? Lounge time it is! This lounge sofa is an absolute eye-catcher & a must have for enthusiasts. Beautiful for a living room, but also ideal as a lounge sofa in a hotel or restaurant. Take a seat and relax!

The slatted bench is available separately for €449. Ideal to place in between, both decorative and practical.