Did you know that within the Netherlands we often deliver our furniture in person? This way we come across the most beautiful interiors almost every day. Whether it is a monumental renovated house or a sleek architectural loft, from hotel to restaurant to office. Because of the wide range, Bestwelhip’s furniture can fit into any living and working style. Travel with us along the most talked-about interiors and get inspired!



This eclectic interior is all about combining design trends and various styles. It is about the right combination of different colours, textures and accessories. Its is artistic, unique and full of personality. These Borje Johanson stools from Bestwelhip complete the interior at this insane kitchen bar made of natural stone. The perfect combination of new & old.


Craftmanship is key in Danish design from 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Beautiful organic shapes of (often teak) wood adorn this ‘Midcentury’period. Soon this style was picked up by German designers such as these beautiful armchairs by Eugene Schmidt. Definitely ‘the perfect match’ in this interior in Laren. The combination of the warm wood with the modern sofa creates a beautiful unity.


With the busy world we now live in, ‘home’ has become even more important. This interior is serene & calming. The cool colours combined with the brown leather sofa create a peaceful undisturbed image. Delivered with care, pleasure and confidence by Bestwelhip in Doorn, this De Sede DS-76 sofa completes the interior. The dog completes the picture. That’s a nice setting to come home to.


Soft, softer to cuddly fabrics have gradually invaded our interiors, both in clothing and interior. The soft textures make you want to curl up in them, preferably all
day. This sheepskin armchair from Bestwelhip shines at Anouk Yves’ home. Besides the soft material, this sheepskin upholstery brings a contemporary feel to a room, or a more rustic feel, depending on how it is combined. Therefore, this trend with natural soft materials can be used in any interior. They invite rest & relaxation, a warm welcome for all interior lovers.


The perfect imperfection of theWabi style shines through in this interior in Amsterdam. Wabi Sabi celebrates everything natural and authentic including its flaws. The result is a more minimalist space that still exudes warmth, character and functionality. Bestwelhips’ Moller dining chairs perfectly match the large sleek wooden table. Both the chairs and table are made of natural materials making them completely in harmony with each other. Absolutely the perfect picture. Minimalism done right! Photo: Takumi Interiors


Goodbye colour, this is a pure & clean interior. Minimalist interiors like this one are all about creating a light, open and spacious feeling in the home. A light interior often gives more energy and a calm feeling. By combining the right furniture with the light in your home, you create an oasis of calm. This interior has a beautiful combination of natural light tones and authentic textures that makes it feel absolutely not clinical but warm. The Bestwelhip modular sofa makes this interior a lovely haven of peace.