One of a kind! No words needed, wow what an eye-catcher. Very rare item, this awesome sideboard with an electric bar. Country of origin: Germany. Period: 1968. A design by Alfons Doerr. This model is also called ‘Bariomat’. This sideboard was only produced in a limited edition in a short period of time (1967-1968-1969). The rear part of the bar can be raised and lowered by a mechanical electrical system. On the side is a button to operate it. The bar is illuminated and fitted with mirror glass. This gives a luxurious look. Your drinks bottles definitely steal the show! Furthermore, this wall unit has a sleek & minimalistic design. This sideboard is also equipped with sufficient cupboard space at the front to store your belongings. A very progressive model for that period (1960s). Material: wood veneer, mirror glass, electro motor. Considering its age in vintage condition. The lacquer of the veneer layer on the top shows ‘stripes/grooves’. The electric motor works properly. But of course no guarantee can be given on the electronic part / motor / cabling (should restoration work be required in the future). This cabinet is an absolute must have for the connoisseur / collector. Anyway, it won my heart. I love it!

A video of the cabinet can be seen on Bestwelhip’s Instagram.