Pure minimalism! Originally a church pew, designer unknown, reminiscent of the benches by Dom Hans van der Laan. Country of origin: the Netherlands. The furniture, designed by the acclaimed architect and Benedictine monk Dom van der Laan, has the perfect proportions between length, width and height and the symmetry between the dimensions of the whole, but also of the parts in relation to each other. All furniture is based on a basic shape. This sturdy sofa from the 1960s is absolutely multifunctional. Great to place at your dining room table, but also perfect to use as a waiting room sofa in a practice, office environment, hotel or restaurant. With this item you immediately create character in your interior. This sofa adapts completely to the environment where it is placed. Given the dimensions, it is easy to place in any room. Beautiful minimalist design. The wooden bench in combination with the metal frame gives a tough look. Considering its age it is in a beautiful vintage condition. Do you already have a place to fit this Dutch design beauty? We love it!