Beautiful batch of 11 Danish dining room chairs, model J39, a design by Børge Mogensen for F.D.B. made in Denmark. Country of origin: Denmark. Beautiful in its simplicity. A timeless and functional design. Because you used to encounter this chair in many Danish families, this chair is also called ‘the people’s chair’. Børge Mogensen combined traditional craftsmanship with modest design in the design and thus laid the foundation for the Danish design culture of the 1950s. As a designer, Børge Mogensen believed that furniture should be functional and durable. Traditionally in 1947, FBD produced this chair, but in 2005 Fredericia included the chair in her collection, so that the legacy of Børge Mogensen is preserved. Material: soaped oak, seat is made of natural braided paper cord. These chairs are completely handmade. This chair is definitely a design classic that appeals to true enthusiasts all over the world.